Package 2

Package 2. Unique ADVANCE Service. Should you wish to skip the above or that you have already employed Unique for the services in Stage 1 and wish to progress further, then the fees listed below will provide a full set of plans for submitting to the Local Authority for Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval. (Please note that these fees will not include Planning and Building Regulation Fees or Structural Engineers Fees – which will be obtainable subject to the size of the project and in accordance with Local Authority fee structure).

  • Single Storey Extension     – £750 (Excluding Vat)
  • Double Storey Extension – £1150 (Excluding Vat)
  • Refurbishment of House – £500 (Excluding Vat)
  • Multi – Scheme (i.e. Extension with refurbishment and garage etc) – £1500 (Excluding Vat)