Package 4

Package 4. Unique PREMIUM Service. You may have plans and specifications approved for the scheme and now require the services of a Project Manager to provide the complete managerial service from commencement to completion giving you peace of mind that you can continue your everyday activities knowing that your project will be well looked after. You may have already taken up some of Unique’s other packages and now wish to employ Unique as project managers. The Fees for this are as follows:

  • Project Management Service 6% of the Contract value for the services listed below.
  • Alternatively a project manager can be provided for daily visits based on £440 per day.

As part of this 6% Fee Unique will undertake the following:

  1. Send out all letters of enquiries to Contractors complete with specification of works and drawings either provided by you or by our other package services.
  2. On Receipt of tenders, undertake full audit and review the contents of the return documents.
  3. Discuss with you the tenders received compared with budget.
  4. Carry out cost engineering should the prices received exceed initial budget expectations.
  5. Carry out interviews with the contractors to determine relevant experience, resources and to ensure that the contractor has a full understanding of the works to be undertaken.
  6. Check the levels of insurance held by the contractors invited to tender.
  7. Issue a contract for the works.
  8. Provide a programme of works and periodically check and amend as required throughout the contract.
  9. A site Visit will be made by Unique at the beginning of the contract and every day following this amounting to a maximum of 8 hours over the whole of each week.
  10. Any variations will be checked and agreed and discussed prior to agreement and delivery.
  11. Undertake valuations as set out in the contract and arrange through yourself payment due to the contractor.
  12. Carry out quality control of the works undertaken throughout the project.
  13. Ensure that all Certificates and Warrantees/Guarantees are produced on completion of the works.